See me seeing you!

Good to see the stalkers back after my hols,mind you they did nip in whilst i was away enjoying my self.Sad bastards…

Makes me feel important having a compulsive lust after my every word i can tell ya!

A nice steady first night back at the factory last night and i am hoping it keeps up at the same pace for the rest of the week..I remembered not to say the Q word and avoided a clip around the tab so things went well.

Anyroad i’m off to look at holiday destinations on the interweb…September is not far away now you know!

Take care!


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81 Responses to “See me seeing you!”

  1. cappy Says:

    i’ll stop shouting now. yours is up second, so you’ll have to listen to it all! (i’m crafty like that)
    anyone wishing to hear exactly what mr barnze has picked, then please feel free to head to

    cheers matey!

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    On me way Cappy.

    Don’t think anybody stalks me. Nobody’s daft enough….

  3. barnze Says:

    Nice one Cappy i shall tune in when it’s up.

    Theres allus some cunt daft enough ! A bit like an ex girlfriend being unable to cope after a bust up..hahahahahahahaha!

  4. barnze Says:

    Not a hit from um today…Wonder what i done wrong..mind you a hit yesterday so still a bit of malice left in um!

  5. barnze Says:

    Got a hit at 5 ish….down too 1 a day now..shame i was enjoying seeing the counter hit 7 or 8 a day..I wonder if “they” don’t love me anymore?

  6. barnze Says:

    Only 2 hits today..I hope the cunts find what they are looking for..perhaps they should find my other blog eh…Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. barnze Says:

  8. barnze Says:

    2 hits up to 15:00 today…keep um coming for the log.

  9. barnze Says:

    odd to get a stalkers hit on the weekend but i got one yesterday..WANKERS!

  10. barnze Says:

    A hit today…You would have thought they would have grown bored of it by now eh? Sad bastards…

  11. barnze Says:

    And another footprint in the sand….

  12. barnze Says:

    2 hits today..a nice early start eh….TWATS!

  13. barnze Says:

    And another….Concern about the pain in my jaw eh? I think not!
    Thing is i just can’t think why the stalking twats keep coming here….Insecurity! Paranoia!……….Losers!

  14. barnze Says:

    Ping…Another one on the radar…….

  15. barnze Says:

    Time for one last look before close of play eh?

  16. barnze Says:

    As predicted …..six today……. You’re obsessed !

  17. barnze Says:

    An early start today with the first hit just after nine…

  18. barnze Says:

    Another one in the log…

  19. barnze Says:

    3 so far and the chance of another hit just before end of play..

  20. barnze Says:

    Just the 3 today…WANKERS!

  21. barnze Says:

    1 on 27th.. 3 30th…And none today… Slowing down…

  22. barnze Says:

    Spoke too soon..1 just landed…

  23. barnze Says:

    First hit of the day just in….WHY???

  24. barnze Says:

    Only one hit today…..Boring!

  25. barnze Says:

    One last peep before going home eh…You bunch of cunts…

  26. barnze Says:

    As if by magic..yet again they pop up.

  27. barnze Says:

    36 hits in 21 days….You got a problem…Me i just log n laugh!

  28. Mal the Plod Says:

    Stalkers and Sex offenders The lowest dregs society has to offer (I’ve heard if your caught stalking in Scotland they lock you up with the nonces for scientific tests. Results show there isn’t the slightest difference between them)

  29. barnze Says:

    Makes sense to me mate…First hit of the day at 9:28 then another at 10:09..nice early start to the working day eh..Nowt to do bar play on the interweb some folks…

    August 1st 3 hits…
    August 2nd 2 hits by 10 oclock

  30. barnze Says:

    another at 14:20……Sad cunts

  31. barnze Says:

    A hit at 10ish..another day of obsession begins..

  32. barnze Says:

    another at 12:25…………The beat goes on!

  33. barnze Says:

    A hit today.Odd it being the weekend….Thanks for coming..

  34. barnze Says:

    An early start today with a hit before 9……

  35. barnze Says:

    hello again…another one..

  36. barnze Says:

    2 on the log today…

  37. barnze Says:

    Still time for another one before end of play….

  38. barnze Says:

    First stalker hit of the day at 8 ish..One expected at 5ish…

  39. barnze Says:

    As predicted…..WANKERS

  40. barnze Says:

    15 in……And Barnze still to bat!

  41. barnze Says:

    2 today @ 7 & 12…..Nice one!

  42. barnze Says:

    2 on the 10th…..As the song goes..”When will they ever learn”

  43. barnze Says:

    10 hits whilst i was having a good time in London..

  44. barnze Says:

    4 hits on 17th……

  45. barnze Says:

    5 today and another 9 on 19th 20 n 21…

  46. barnze Says:

    3 today…

  47. barnze Says:

    First hit on the radar picked up..

  48. barnze Says:

    2 on 27th, 1 on 28th

  49. barnze Says:

    3 hits today..makes me wonder if it will stop after September?

  50. barnze Says:

    Just 1 hit today…mind you still time for another i reckon.

  51. barnze Says:

    The cunts are still dropping in….

  52. barnze Says:

    Still popping in you cunt….Never wave at me in the street ain’t no friend of mine you low life piece of shit..Brown nosed cunt!

  53. barnze Says:

    Still at it you cunt!

  54. barnze Says:

    Fuck me your still at it..Mind you ya never know ya might get a mention…Shame i missed the drinkys for the back stabber last week though..i would have enjoyed that!

  55. barnze Says:

    Still popping in ya jumped up twat…I wish i had been more alert that time i saw ya in town.I would have spat at you!

    Die in pain ya bastard!

  56. barnze Says:

    10 hits out of the last hundred were from you cunts.

  57. barnze Says:

    5 hits today..TWATS!

  58. barnze Says:

    5 hits again today..The shame of the IT fuck up bringing um back here..Just a letter of appology will do!!!!!! You know ya did wrong by me now admit it!

  59. barnze Says:

    Another 3 hits logged today..You should be busy drafting the letter of apology i reckon…

  60. barnze Says:

    Still popping in eh? Wanker..

  61. barnze Says:

    Get a fucking life you twat! over 100 hits and still not found what you are looking obsessive cunt!

  62. barnze Says:

    Fuck me if the wanker is still in and out of here on average of 4 hits a day nowadays.. I could happily shit in his mouth..The dirty low down, back stabbing ,lie mongering,second rate,wanker who had the gall to call me MALICIOUS in his statement against me at the UNFAIR DISSMISAL TRIBUNAL….Shame on you….All that shit he made up to shaft me out of a job has come back to haunt now..That IT fuck up that can not happen has happened and a blessing it is..Shame on you ya cunt you should lose sleep over your shamefull actions as you caused me shit for fuck all. You unprofessional cunt. I wish you a painfull and lingering death you piece of shit..
    This message brought to you by the one who pointed out that the slack cunt of an employee you tried to keep in a job was as slack as yourself..It all stems from there you cunt and you know it..just like the other twat who has no job now your time will come as will mine.
    Have a nice day obsessing .
    see you here in the morning for another round of fucks!


  63. barnze Says:

    8 hits yesterday and anothe 8 today.. Loser!

  64. barnze Says:

    Just the 3 hits today..Novelty wearing a bit thin eh?

  65. barnze Says:

    Only 10 hits in the last for days..mind you not all at work weekends eh!
    Still time for two more today.

  66. barnze Says:

    14 on the last 4 ….picking up again..Twat!

  67. barnze Says:

    24 hits in the last 6 days..And a 29 min view today..nice..

  68. barnze Says:

    19 hits over the last 4 days..ain’t it time ya booked ya sen in for some therapy??? TWAT!

  69. barnze Says:

    26 hits whilst i was away..still good to see um pop up…

  70. barnze Says:

    The normal hits today 1 at 8 ish and 1 at 12 ish…1 expected about 5 ish.. You wanker.

  71. barnze Says:

    Nice to see ya dropping in on this post you wanker…keep um compin ya back stabbing, two faced cunt.. Grudge still held! Die ya bastard.

  72. barnze Says:

  73. barnze Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha …You just could not resist it eh? You twat!

  74. barnze Says:

    Keith you just can’t keep away eh? Ya back stabbing bastard.

  75. barnze Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  76. barnze Says:

    3 already today…i am thinking or revenge you know?

  77. barnze Says:

    A dish best served cold….

  78. barnze Says:

    I see where you go and when you go there you cunt…

  79. barnze Says:

    An early start today…

  80. barnze Says:

  81. barnze Says:

    Time to move over to “Open the vent ” i reckon… You will get no joy from here.

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