Is it raining??

A drop of rain again today,another drop tomorrow and it looks like a bit of a sprinkle for the rest of the week. We have lost a couple of plants in the garden due to all the rain and last night one of our tomato plants got battered to fuck by the downpour so Mrs B ain’t happy and i ain’t looking forward to all that green tomato chutney

I suppose we were lucky to cop so much sun last week whilst on our hols eh as the forecast ain’t getting any better,All the more reason to get on the interweb n find a nice hot place to chill out in come September i reckon.Fuck me at this rate i reckon all of us here in Hood Town will be suffering from S.A.D. though i’m ok as i can allus shine a torch in my face..That don’t stop webbed feet forming though!

A drug dealer get’s 30 years in prison for killing another drug dealer here in HoodTown, Some say justice,I say it’s shit it happened in a busy street in the middle of the day,The piece on the Nottingham Evening Post website has brought a few comments including one stating the victim was “A young happy go lucky boy”…Mmmmm a happy hammer weilding drug dealer who got shot by another happy go lucky gun toting drug dealer..As they (Who ever they are) say shit happens !

In better news it looks like the Arts Theatre might live on for another season as folks chip in a few quid to keep the curtains open,I hope they find funding from somewhere! They can have all the cash out of my penny jar!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the rain pelt down,Have a good one dear reader and take care.

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