Have a clown fish…

A Nottingham member of parliament wants to tax chewing gum???? What the fuck is all that about eh? You ban us from smoking now ya wanna tax chewing gum! Get your head out of the sand you numpty!

15 Responses to “Have a clown fish…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    what will they tax us for next lol, i think passing wind will come up someday as that can smell and be unplesnt, as at the moment the gov seems to be ona mission to either ban or tax to high hell everything which aint good for yeh or isnt pleasent like passing wind

  2. barnze Says:

    Fart tax….Good idea,as according to Mrs B she never farts thus getting a refund..

  3. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    May I suggest that you collect pounds of ABC gum(Already Been Chewed)from folks and send a big old wad of it to this Parliment “clown” and tell him to collect “back taxes” on all of it. If nothing else, it would give him something to “chew on”……….fart tax? …..Dylan was right…..”the answer my friend is blowing in the wind”……mosie on over and see me barnze…….jinks.

  4. John A Thomson Says:

    That’s what happens when you’ve got one filfthy habit after anoither for them to come after! 😛

  5. ClownHatingAuntJackie Says:

    Number 1, Jinks has a great idea there…
    Number 2, Glad to see you pop by the forrest, missed ya!
    Number 3, Clowns is one thing but when you combine it with the fish, it just isn’t fair to the fish and his image… Eeeeek!

    I HATE CLOWNS!!!!!!!

  6. hattigrace Says:

    Uh, we pay tax on chewing gum, I think. 7.5% in Florida. How much is yer sales tax? In Michigan where I grew up, it was 4%. Dunno what it is now.

  7. barnze Says:

    Just another money making scam..Tax them mobility scooters i say…

  8. barnze Says:

    17.5% tax is paid and now the loony twats want more..Greedy cunts!

  9. cappy Says:

    sorry. you should have expected that from me!
    tax on chuddy? what a fuckwit.

  10. cappy Says:

    p.s. i bet they still get tax exempt whiskey in the h.o.p.
    hypocritical bastards.

  11. barnze Says:

    Soz mate no dis respect …..Buggys is more apt eh?

  12. Janet Says:

    here, chewing gum is considered a snack food and taxed the same as everything else. Isn’t it Singapore that puts you in jail if you spit gum on the sidewalk?

  13. barnze Says:


    not sure if the Singapore gum ban is still in place..

  14. jim daret Says:

    Most smokers who drop their butts also spit out chewing gum. These ferals must contribute to cleaning up the environment. Governments must legislate to introduce a clean up tax on chewing gum. Wrigleys, Cadburys and serial gumspitters foot the bill, simple!

  15. barnze Says:

    A non smoking non chewing gum eating car driver eh!

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