The jaws of hell….

Just back from the dentists,The last of the extractions today thank fuck,my face feels like i took a kick from a horse,But as requested there was no mucking about,in, job done & out in 15 minutes. Back next week for a couple of fillings then that’s it..I love dentist visits…honest!

Hey i saw a nun on the way back from the dentists,a bit odd seeing one around here but i reckon something evil must be going on,Are there any young nuns nowadays or are they all old?

Anyroad i’m off for a lie down and a bit of a kip to see if i can sleep while the pain goes away..

Have a good one folks and take care out there.

One Response to “The jaws of hell….”

  1. Janet Says:

    Glad it went well at the dentist’s!

    I think there are young nuns but these days they dress like everyone else (camouflage, I think).

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