Here come the sun..

Always been a favorite month of mine has August..Kind of dependable and warm i reckon and all the more so as the lovely Mrs B has booked us a holiday on the Costa Brava  but exactly where i ain’t sure but where ever i hope the sun shines and the beers cold! An all inclusive week of sun & fun and only a few weeks away..Bring it on!

A lovely night we had last night,a nice meal and a few drinks plus that feeling of the holiday being booked saw us have a good quiet night in..Young master B has moved to a major construction site here in Hood Town so it seems we are all on happy factor 9.

Anyroad a bit of admin work to catch up on so i’m off.You lot have a good one and stay safe.

3 Responses to “Here come the sun..”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    That is the first time I’ve laughed today – and it’s 20 past fuckin’ ten. Thanks mate. I needed that!!

  2. barnze Says:

    Hahahahaha..made i larfff…

  3. Janet Says:

    where in the world do you get all these crazy photos?? No, don’t tell me-I want to keep being surprised when you post them!

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