Now then…

I found out where we are going in September…Lloret de Mar loads of sun so we are well chuffed about that ! It’s good to get a bit on sun on ya back when we have had loads of crap weather,Mind you we had a few good days of sun up on the broads a few weeks back so i reckon we can’t grumble eh?

I cooked us up a nice bit of smoked haddock with taters n peas last night and that went down well,tonight i ain’t got a clue what to serve so it’s off up the shops for some ideas later,Perhaps a Paella to get us into holiday mode eh? I don’t do much rice though& all of us hate mussels so i think i will stick to the English snap!

Hey i have read that there is one of those Medievil Castle places in Lloret so i reckon we shall be having a portion of that..we have been to one before and it’s a top night out i can tell ya. You come away with a sore throat after all that shouting at your knight to kick some arse.Might even be a midget there??????

Anyroad i’m off up the shops..Have a good one you lot n you stalkers can kiss my arse !
Take care!


2 Responses to “Now then…”

  1. Janet Says:

    ooh, sounds like a great time, especially the castle. I expect more photos, including foot ones!

  2. barnze Says:

    Jousting and sword fighting is my sort of night out.

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