Small man syndrome.

Ugly bastard!

7 Responses to “Small man syndrome.”

  1. cappy Says:

    i’ve got this picture hanging around on my pc! love it!
    theres another with a load of em all dressed like kiss!

  2. barnze Says:

    I don’t like midgets..Evil things…

  3. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    small man? the guy on the left in bright(but lacking) spandex or science project (gone wrong) on the right?

    seriously though, do midgets/dwarfs creep you out?

    the dwarf character in Lord of the Rings……is my favorite, maybe its cause he really isnt’ a dwarf….who am I kidding…..i’m just a soft touch for short tough guys with full beards.

  4. barnze Says:

    Midgets/Dwarfs do spook me a bit.Mind you the extra tall are a bit odd unall.

  5. Janet Says:

    Oh, the guy next to him with the skinny chicken legs…I think I’m going to lose my breakfast.

  6. cappy Says:

    got to say i’m with you on the whole midget thing.
    they aren’t right. pc or not pc, they re freaky! and scare the bejeebus outa me!

    but still, not as bad as twind that dress the same when they are in their 60’s…..

    long tale.

  7. barnze Says:

    Tell me about it…His n hers rally jackets are another no no i reckon scary stuff.

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