Let us pray to the gods of love..

Though i don’t have a belief in a god i must say that the religious world has some good ones..This is Parvati the Indian goddess of love i have a lot of time for the love gods i can tell ya..Shame the christians only have one god when you could have a shit load of um eh? Anyroad i have been looking around the interweb at the many different gods on offer and i reckon if i pick a few from different cultures i should get some response from one or two eh?Mind you Parvati’s son Ganesh looks a bit odd after getting his head chopped off and having an elephants put in place..These gods can be nasty bastards so i reckon i better not take the piss eh?

Off out for a meal in town with the lovely Mrs B..I think we are going French but that could change but anywhere is a good place in the company of Mrs B. Aint love grand…

Anyroad time for me to get the washing out to dry..it’s a good day to air ya smalls…

Have a good one and stay safe out there. And thank the gods of love for their work.

3 Responses to “Let us pray to the gods of love..”

  1. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    Good post barnze,

    I am a one-God sorta woman, his handbook tells me he is a jealous one and doesn’t like to share the spotlight. I suppose if an artist creates something he wants credit. Theology/religion is fascinating, all the similarities in thought and stories. I wonder if any of the other Gods tell their worshipers that they love them and long to be with them for eternity?
    It’s something I’ll be checking in to. Will have to admit organized
    religion has kept many a person from seeking the source.
    Love to you barnze……jinks

  2. barnze Says:

    I am putting a few gods in a basket for my salvation,Master Yoda has a seat at the top table…

  3. Janet Says:

    I’d think that having multiple gods makes it hard to keep track of them.

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