What no belly dancers…

A top night had..I met up with the lovely Mrs B and her colleague’s outside the Hogs Head for a pint and a fag then we went off in search of food..No prizes  for guessing we popped in the see Mehmet in Antalya always a good night in there then off to the Bell for a swifty before getting back to Barnze Towers..Odd thing at the Bell as we spotted a girl wearing her belt right under her breasts….What’s all that about????

I have never seen owt like it before..Is it a new fashion or what?

Back to the factory tonight for the first of 6 shifts so not doing much today,a bit of admin and shopping and thats me done..

I hope you lot have a good weekend…Best foot forward as they say.

5 Responses to “What no belly dancers…”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    was off to a bbq today but decided against – long(ish) drive. chillin’ in the garden with the mrs and a few cold ones. Can’t beat it.

  2. AuntJackie Says:

    As usual, I’m always happy with the foot photos! I don’t know why.

    Hmm, those dresses are back in style with the waist-line elastic and belts, and I see stuff like this-Yes, I think it’s coming into style… but what’s that thing around her ass??? Is it two belts? or just a ‘fat ass’ hider??? HAHAHA

  3. Sara Says:

    Fashion sucks at the mo – I HATE it with venom.

  4. Janet Says:

    Mrs. B seems to have very good taste in shoes!

    Not long ago I saw a photo of Kiera Knightley wearing a belt as a top, or something like that. Weird. Maybe a belt under the breasts pushes them up? I have enough trouble with bras.

  5. barnze Says:

    Belts under the lils is a no no i reckon…

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