Hot or what??

What a bastard of a day to try n sleep through..One  of the drawbacks of the night shift i reckon,i woke up feeling as rough as bags…Still a steady shift last night and with the replacement for our lost team member we now have “Oi Oi” on our crew so we are now fully manned again.A weekend booked off for next time on the day shifts so all is looking good.

Folks down the road from us are having a BBQ and that smells nice..I wonder if i should call in sick and join them??

Narr not me..too much of a good reliable worker to play those sort of games me!

Anyroad time to kit up and get to the factory…Enjoy what’s left of your weekend folks and take care eh?

4 Responses to “Hot or what??”

  1. AuntJackieGoneWild Says:

    I left ya some nice nature photos over at my place… I love my Mom’s little bird nest!! The bird was ingenious and put the nest way out of reach of the cat since she settled in one of my Mom’s hanging potted plants. They’re doing great… that is until they start flying lessons… Mom said she was going to keep the cat away when that starts.

    Nature is so sweet!

  2. barnze Says:

    Nature has a way of working stuff out well before we do i reckon..

  3. Janet Says:

    what is that thing the feet are on??

  4. barnze Says:

    That’s a massage slab..Sort of gives ya feet a treat…The things they make nowadays eh?

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