Well shod.

Yet another full on shift last night as the work rolls in the sweat rolls off…Only 2 shifts to do before my 6 off comes around again…That beer looks colder by the day….

I see the local scrotes have taken to robbery now as they attack the staff at a Co-Op nicking some fags..What do you expect un to nick? The veg is shite and the choice of groceries piss poor in there..Mind you any sort of customer is a bonus for um eh?

The lovely Mrs B has a couple of days off next week so some extended quality time is on the cards,I even get a lunch out on the town on Monday,How good is that eh? Oh i was right about the shopping for the holiday (Roll on September) as another pair of shoes were purchased the other day!!! Ya can never have enough pairs i say!

Typing about shoes brings to mind this item about the mounted police being in financial shit,Sell the fucking horses and buy some walking shoes for the beat bobby (If we still have beat plods nowadays) for fucks sake we don’t need cowboy coppers trotting about on horses these day,we need APC,s and water cannons.

Anyroad i’m off to water the horses and muck out the pigs….

Have a good one dear reader the weekend is on it’s way.

Oh before i go take a look at this evil posting from Jinks…Spooky or what?

2 Responses to “Well shod.”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    The co-op is still good for amusing classifieds though!

  2. barnze Says:

    Good to watch the staff trying to hide behind the fag counter unall..

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