I hope all goes well at the old factory..Perhaps now you can start to enjoy your work again!

See ya on the lanes…Take care and keep smiling!


5 Responses to “Go-Lightly.”

  1. The Lathe Says:

    Let normallity resume, Im sure it will be all smiles at the factory now stumpy has gone.

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Wasn’t he one of Snow White’s crew?

    Goin’ to see Lord of the Rings next week. Lookin’ forward to it even more after your review.

  3. barnze Says:

    @ 4D..Are you off to London to see it?If so you will be well impressed with the production i can tell ya..i reckon the stage hands worked as well as the actors..A brill performance..Enjoy!

  4. AuntJackie Says:

    What Lord of the Rings?? Movie??? Do tell me!! I’ve seen all of them, and tried to read the books and all…

    Hey how is it going for the “Go-Lightlys”

  5. barnze Says:

    I shall be catching up with the Go-lightlys soon..I reckon we shall lose as we mostly do.. The LOTR musical is a brilliant show if you get chance to see it http://www.lotr.com/sights.php

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