Days off..

The lovely Mrs B has a dose of the cold so is a bit snuffly at the moment and i had a two day migraine  that took the stuffing out of me,So last night i whacked a load of ale into me and slept like a dead thing waking this morning with just a dull ache in my head so that worked.Not back at work till Saturday so i am just chillin for now.

Mind you with the holiday just around the corner i reckon we both will do well with some sun therapy so all is good.Everyone at my old factory seem to be in good spirits now as mails are flooding in with good news.I am well chuffed that they can now get on with their work in an environment that encourages them  rather than beating them down on a daily basis.It takes a bit of time to get over shit like that but it’s good that they can now try to build up a good team again.Makes me wonder if the truth will be known about how crap it is to be abused at work like that..Things can only get better folks.

I am cooking today so it’s time to get up the shops now & with a bit of luck Speedys will be open so a hair cut while i am at it..Have a good one you lot.

2 Responses to “Days off..”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    They still sniffin’ around or have they given up yet?

  2. barnze Says:

    Hundreds of hits and still coming….Sad but true!

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