Nearly there..

Half the weeks work done..Fingers still swollen and  sore (Getting better by the hour) but the work keeps coming in,So  it’s carry  on regardless ..

Only 3 weeks till me & the lovely Mrs B nip off for some sun n fun  in Spain so that thought is keeping me in high spirits though i reckon we shall be shopping at the weekend for shoes,To quote Mrs B “You have to have new shoes for the holidays,It’s an unwritten law”. I shall make do with my old faithful,not that i am planning on doing much walking!

Anyroad i gotta get a shower n all that before getting back to the factory so i’m off.

Take care  out there.

3 Responses to “Nearly there..”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    LOL!! Mrs. B and her lovely shoes… Maybe she’s right, but I don’t remember hearing that law. Spain eh?? You guys get to go on the best trips… I’m envious.

    This weekend we celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday… got alot to do for that, and haven’t even figured out what to give as a present. 80 years, that’s pretty good as he’s diabetic. I just hope we get as many more as possible.

    Have a great week/weekend!!

  2. AuntJackie Says:

    Oh, and “Happy Anniversary”–as you were my very first blog visitor when I began 😀 hehe. I appreciate you and I’m glad you’re still hangin round the forrest. x

  3. barnze Says:

    Time flys when ya havin fun eh!

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