The last un.

Last shift of the week the week tonight and a tough week it’s been i can tell ya,mind you it ain’t done yet so i want a good one tonight to round it off.

My fingers are still giving me some grief but getting better all the time,i reckon a good session of loving care from the lovely Mrs B and a few beers will put me well up the road to recovery.

Quite a bit of shit to do on my days off  what with shopping,admin & a few faces to see but i reckon i can slot in some quality time in there….Bring on that holiday!

Anyroad time i got moving,i hope you lot have a good weekend as mine starts in the morning i shall have a beer for breakfast and a good long well deserved sleep.

Take care.

4 Responses to “The last un.”

  1. AuntieJac Says:

    Having a nice 5 days off in a row myself. I hope you all have a great weekend too. Beer for breakfast eh?? Make it a double!

  2. barnze Says:

    Days off are fantastic eh.. 6 off for me and only 4 day shifts next!

  3. Janet Says:

    nice to know you can still type! Or do you type with two fingers and your nose?

  4. barnze Says:

    I muddle through..still a bit sore though!

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