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Postcard from Tossa.

September 28, 2007

Tossa has a different meaning in Hood Town i can tell ya,A good day out in Tossa,a shit hot castle some good beer and a gravely beach. Me n the Lovely Mrs B have caught a few rays and are glowing..Back to work next week??? Fuck it i am retiring…….

Take care out there.

Postcard from Spain

September 26, 2007

Weather hot,Beer cold,swimming pool freezing..Wish you were here. Off for a dip to cool down.

Take care out there.

Agárrele más tarde

September 22, 2007

Si consigo una posibilidad fijaré de España, pero si no este es la última fijación durante una semana. Anoche ambos mí n Sra B encantadora fueron agotados tan un poco de la comida unas bebidas entonces cama….
Una mentira buena esta mañana un poco de compra entonces sólo enfriando…..

¿Tienen un fin de semana bueno usted parte y tenga cuidado eh?

This is it!

September 20, 2007

The last shift of the week tonight,Come Monday afternoon we shall be in Spain….Yeeee harrr!

Last nights shift was a good one,The pie went down well with the crew though they are not accustomed to such things happening they all enjoyed it (Some more than others eh Douggie!) though i was left with the washing up….

On the whole the week went well, some nights were murder while some went by without a hitch,just another stint done! As it is my last one before me n the lovely Mrs B bugger off for sunnier climes i am looking to have a nice steady shift,The holiday fever has gotten a grip on me now and Friday morning can’t come quick enough for me.

I am not sure if i will have time to bung a post on before we go on holiday so i shall see you lot later,mind you if i find a tinterweb cafe whilst we are away i may stick on a postcard eh!

Stay safe out there and take care.

I told you so!

September 19, 2007

The lovely Mrs B managed to get some shots of grunt the hedgehog last night (While waiting for young master B to get home,he was late so he is in for a roasting today) so here are a couple of them..

A lot better tham my attempts to see him/her i reckon!

I suppose we shant be seeing too much of them now the nights are getting colder so we are going to make sure they have some warm bedding down ready for their hibernation,Mind you i don’t think they are ready for bed just yet!

Some bad news from the shop floor yesterday as the boss told us that one of our crew had lost his job..Young Spike has been taking a lot of time off lately and after a few chats with the gaffer has done it again so he has been fired..His own fault i reckon as we all told him to lift his game.. So we are now waiting on someone to fill his shoes.

Good news for my crew is that the lovely Mrs B has been baking and has done us an egg n bacon pie (I reckon those at the old factory will remember those) for tonights mid shift break..Nice!

Anyroad time i got sorted so i’m off,have a good one you lot!

Latin thought of the week.

September 19, 2007

Fabas indulcet fames.


September 18, 2007

You nearly ran me over the other day…….

Mid point.

September 18, 2007


Half way through the working week and all is well,A bit of sweat but no blood or tears,What i call a steady stint.

Mrs B is due back any second from the hairdresser’s so kettle on and i am ready for a kiss n a cuddle extra this week,nice to have some extra time with the one you love i reckon,Hey grab it while you can i say!

Anyroad time to bugger off,Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Dos cervezas frías por favor

September 17, 2007

Not a bad week so far at the factory apart from one of our lads not turning in for the weekend shifts (More shit for the rest of us) as he extends his holidays, the selfish twat!

No probs for the rest of the week as we have an sub in to cover so let’s hope the time passes well. most of the crew are getting sick of me dropping in the odd Spanish word every now n then but hey i am well looking forward to some chill time.

Mrs B is off early from the office tomorrow to get her hair cut in readyness for some sun on her neck so all is good in the hood!

Tenga cuidado y quédese la caja fuerte ahí.

Ho ho no.

September 15, 2007

Merry Christmas signs up in the Co-Op today…Yeah like it makes me in the mood for it!!!

Mind you we now have a Jamacian food vendor up on the market and the dumplings are spot on! Nice one!

Little Grunt the hedghog has been scootling around our patio most evenings now and i managed a quick shot of his arse passing by our door the other night..

He makes a lot of noise so i reckon he must be shouting for a mate to breed with,Mrs B is putting out some food for them tonight and will have the camera ready so hopefully some better shots to come eh?

Anyroad i gotta get ready for my stint at the factory (A nice steady week is in order) now so i’m off..Oh i have brought my crew a new mug each as the ones we have are well past their best..Good news for the crew eh?

Have a good n safe weekend you lot.