Reap what you sow.


A belter of a day yesterday followed by a nice quiet night in,We took a walk along the Victoria embankment up to the cattle market,did a bit of biz then took a walk into town.Today a bit of plant shopping at the garden center (including a hot dog snack) and another night in tonight as i have to be up early in the morning,shit to do and a dentist appointment in the afternoon so busy times to get through.

Not long now till we fly out to Spain  and only 4 day shifts to do this week as my unfair dismissal hearing is a week on Monday.

Anyroad i’m off for a shower,i hope you lot had a good weekend.Take care.

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4 Responses to “Reap what you sow.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    chill out weekend ta. Lots of the amber nectar, a very good ruby ‘n lots of cuddles from the boss who’s still hell bent on nursing me. Bedbaths are ok yer know….

  2. barnze Says:

    Good to hear you are on the mend mate..Ohhhhhhhh Matron!

  3. Pinksy Says:

    had a lovely stroll down the grove yesterday.

  4. barnze Says:

    Nice one mate..i ain’t been down there for a while so it’s about time i did,a nice place to sit n think i reckon.

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