Did they do it?

14 Responses to “Did they do it?”

  1. cynnie Says:

    I hope not ..

    Christ….but i hope the girl is dead, and not a sex slave somewhere..

  2. OGO Says:

    I hope not. Then again I can’t see how anyone could hurt a child.

  3. farmer dave Says:

    i dont know what to think, to be honest the police dont seem to have any idea and i think thats why they are messing about

    and also the police havnt realy given any details on who might of done it realy, the whole situation seems a bit sketchy to me, all iam saying is i wouldnt leave my kids alone to go out to have something to eat even if i could see my apartment from the resturant

    and i agree with cynnie i hope the girl is dead as this will be with her the rest of her life now

  4. Pinksy Says:

    It’s looking increasingly possible sadly

  5. John A Thomson Says:

    It has been my opinion from day 1 that she was hiding something and he wasn’t much better! They may have given the kid an overdose of sedative by accident and to save their careers (and future) they’ve went to extraordinary measures to hide the truth!

    What was alarming was the fact that because they were of the “professional” class, the social workers were a bit slow in looking into their case! Do you think the do-gooders would have been so slow off the mark if the parents had been unemployed or of the lower classes?

    There is loads more to come out about these people and their past IMHO!!!

  6. Mal The Plod Says:

    I’m with John I’m afraid. To many question marks

  7. mas Says:

    Got fed up with it taking up too much space on the news with no news,it`s hard to imagine that anyone could do such a thing to a child nevermind parents so i hope not.

  8. Four Dinners Says:

    Hope not but the alternative is now looking increasingly bizarre.

    The Portugese police have found Maddy’s body and planted bodily fluids in the hire car to frame them.


    That means either forensics have lost the plot or it was them.


  9. barnze Says:

    Some say the body was dumped in the sea( http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?storyID=8144 ) ..Even if they did it i reckon they could get away with it…The system is well odd over there in Portugal !

  10. cappy Says:

    yup, and have from day one.
    and even if they didn’t, who leaves three children of the ages 3 and 2 in an hotel room alone?

  11. Janet Says:

    If they did it, I don’t see how they got rid of the body-haven’t they been under close scrutiny by both the police and the media since it happened?

  12. barnze Says:

    The ate the body with a nice bottle of chianti……phhlp phhlp!

  13. John A Thomson Says:

    You’ve taken that too far!

  14. barnze Says:

    I think not… in my mind they killed her…. To far is my aim.

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