Dos cervezas frías por favor

Not a bad week so far at the factory apart from one of our lads not turning in for the weekend shifts (More shit for the rest of us) as he extends his holidays, the selfish twat!

No probs for the rest of the week as we have an sub in to cover so let’s hope the time passes well. most of the crew are getting sick of me dropping in the odd Spanish word every now n then but hey i am well looking forward to some chill time.

Mrs B is off early from the office tomorrow to get her hair cut in readyness for some sun on her neck so all is good in the hood!

Tenga cuidado y quédese la caja fuerte ahí.

6 Responses to “Dos cervezas frías por favor”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    ive not long had a holiday myself but am already for another one, as ive been a bit busy myself, but was nice to have a lazy day yesterday tho

  2. Four Dinners Says:


    I will name my hamster in honour of you…….

  3. mas Says:

    Hi mate ,just spoke to our sis,32 c over there today best take a coat.

  4. AuntieJac Says:

    Bet you guys can’t wait for this holiday!!! I can’t wait to see photos 🙂
    (don’t forget the shoe pics, they’re your tradition).

    Rock on Barnze!

  5. Janet Says:

    That photo made me weep. I want, I want.

  6. barnze Says:

    The beach is calling..cheers for the weather update mas..bring it on..

    An honor to have my name carried by such a noble beast 4D cheers.

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