I told you so!

The lovely Mrs B managed to get some shots of grunt the hedgehog last night (While waiting for young master B to get home,he was late so he is in for a roasting today) so here are a couple of them..

A lot better tham my attempts to see him/her i reckon!

I suppose we shant be seeing too much of them now the nights are getting colder so we are going to make sure they have some warm bedding down ready for their hibernation,Mind you i don’t think they are ready for bed just yet!

Some bad news from the shop floor yesterday as the boss told us that one of our crew had lost his job..Young Spike has been taking a lot of time off lately and after a few chats with the gaffer has done it again so he has been fired..His own fault i reckon as we all told him to lift his game.. So we are now waiting on someone to fill his shoes.

Good news for my crew is that the lovely Mrs B has been baking and has done us an egg n bacon pie (I reckon those at the old factory will remember those) for tonights mid shift break..Nice!

Anyroad time i got sorted so i’m off,have a good one you lot!

3 Responses to “I told you so!”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Young Spike? Maybe he thought he was a hedgehog and prefered hibernating to working? Got a few at my place.

  2. AuntieJac Says:

    I remember you TALKING about the Bacon n’ Egg pie, but I of course never tasted it… 🙂

    I love the Hedgehog!! That’s soooo cute!


  3. barnze Says:

    The young are not to keen on advise from an old man eh…i wernt back in the day..oh well his experiance level has gone up i reckon..

    The pie was well recieved i can tell ya..

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