Brown as berries..

Both me n the lovely Mrs B have nice tanned skin now and are feeling fully recharged after a great week.Loads of cold beer and good food always works for me!

Bad news is that Mrs B has a sprained ankle and is in a lot of pain..Not sure how she damaged it but it has swollen up and is giving her some grief..Mind you it never stopped us having a good time as we picked up a bandage,some pain relief and a walking stick to ease the way so all was well. The doctor here in Hood Town has told her to rest up but she went back to the office today..I reckon she should have taken a few days to rest but what do i know?

Anyroad as promised here is another photo (Taken by Mrs B) from our hols..A nice little windy street up in the castle grounds in Tossa. We spent a lovely morning just wondering about up there before going down to the town for a cold one and a bit of a doss on the beach…Nice!

Right i’m off now for a bit of a nod as i am knackered, A seiesta of sorts eh?

Take care out there.

One Response to “Brown as berries..”

  1. Auntie Jaxxxxx Says:

    Wow, sounds like another smashingly great Holiday!!! Gratz! 🙂 I know it’s a bitter dose coming back home and getting to work, but you have your pictures, memories and love to keep you warm and tan! 🙂

    Welcome Home… AJ

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