Prepping for a stew..

A dull sort of a day today so i am making a stew for tomorrow’s dinner..Stew sums up grey cold days i reckon & makes ya feel all warm n snug after a couple of bowls full..I like winter me!

That fucking black n white cat from the next door neighbour got caught

shitting in our garden was lucky this time as i had my arms full of shopping and only managed to lob a scarlet nantes carrot at it..How come they always nip in here for a shit eh?

Oh and it’s Goose fair time again down on the forest, I don’t do fairs nowadays but when i was a kid it was a brill place to go, Mind you some folks love um at all ages and i ain’t knocking um..horses for courses eh?

Anyroad i am off for a blast from the past with an hour on Half Life 2

It’s fragging time!

Take care out there.

9 Responses to “Prepping for a stew..”

  1. Auntie Jaxxxxx Says:

    Good Looking stew! Is it winter already there?? How cold??? We’re still having warm weather, but that’s normal I guess round here… doesn’t get cold enough for ME… Winter typically hits closer to November I guess… I need to move to a snowy village.

  2. John A Thomson Says:

    Sounds like the wee kitty has an outside toilet! That’s dead cute :-D.

    Have you thought about borrowing a vicious cat hating dog for a day or two?

  3. Flank Says:

    Hi Cliss,
    My daughter has now moved into No: 34 on your estate. A clause in the agreement states not to encourage the cats in the area. She hopes your aim is still good as she still chuckles over your escapades with the dogs and the King Edward spuds you threw at them. She doesn’t want her greenhouse glass breaking. By the way, I nipped into the Co-Op for some milk today. It took exactly 12 minutes to be served. Mind you there were only three behind the counter.


  4. barnze Says:

    Mornin Flanky…I thought i heard some different voices over there yesterday..As for the cats i do hope she ain’t got one…..Not sure now but old Norman uesd to grow some good grapes in that greenhouse..

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    ive not had a stew for ages might do one this weekend, and dont get me started on sodding co-op useless bunch of arses

  6. Flank Says:


    No! She wouldn’t dare get a cat. As a once keen gardener, not anymore, I hated the mess they left behind. As for the grapes, the previous occupier cleared the greenhouse out. My daughter now wants to get rid of the greenhouse to create more space.


    P.S. Have you ever seen a cat pee up a shrub. It’s a sight to see!

  7. barnze Says:

    To teel the truth mate i am sick of seeing cats piss n shit all over..Shame about the grapes….By the way did i see Craigs van yesterday?? Was he doing some shifting for ya?

    Dave..The second day of stew today..I reckon the second helping is better than the first..thicker what with the dumplings mixing in..Get one down ya!

  8. Pinksy Says:

    Goose fair: mushy peas and mint sauce, yum. and of course cock on a stick

  9. barnze Says:

    Ahh the cock on a stick…Don’t google it……

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