Three seasons..Not a pizza.

I seem to have jumped the gun on bringing Winter too early..Autumn comes first eh? And by the way today has started out Summer is still clinging on..A nice sunny morning !

Good news today as i am to collect a back up PC (From a local forum member)

to keep me

on line whilst mine is getting looked over, Just how good is the interweb when you say you have probs and someone helps ya out eh? Mind you last year i helped a local band out with a motherboard for their PC..What goes around comes around eh. Anyroad whilst i am up there (The Peacock) i shall be picking his brains on how to sort out my old hard drive n that, as i am crap at that sort of thing.

I tell ya what though this sore throat & snotty nose thing is still clinging

on to me like shit to a blanket! The lovely Mrs B shares this ailment unall so

a box of

tissues each is in

order and sitting  on the settee coughing like a doctors waiting room ain’t no fun!

Anyroad i’m off to clean the latest batch of cat crap off the patio..

Have a good on you lot & stay safe !

3 Responses to “Three seasons..Not a pizza.”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Had that virus as well. Took about four days to shift and that was me going to bed and doing nowt except sleeping to get rid of it quickly.

    At least you’ve got company in the misery :-P.

  2. farmer_dave Says:

    iam not been feeling to good myself, i started to feel crap on sunday come weds i’d thought i was starting to feel better but now iam feeling like i was at the start of the week, and ive even had to take today off work, as ive not got the energy to a thing

    hope you both feel better soon

  3. barnze Says:

    I thought i noticed a few folks sniffing a lot.. Sleeping it off sounds good so an early night for me i reckon.

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