Fishing ports..They smell.

My PC is sorted..Just a few loose connections..Thank fuck for that as i just could not get on with the one i borrowed..Still it got me through eh?

Only two more shifts to do this week as i have been booked on a training 

course Thursday n friday down in Grimsby of all places..Hey if you live in Grimbsy my advise is get a fishing boat or move…

The man flu still has a hold on me & the lovely Mrs B but we are keeping on!

Anyroad just a quicky today so i’m off.

Take care out there!

5 Responses to “Fishing ports..They smell.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Passed by Hood town on me way bag from visitin’ Cappy. Thought ‘I could have a beer with Barnzy if I’d only realised’

    Goin’ back up in’t summer. Must sort some’at out.

    Glad you had a good holiday. Spain to Costa-del-Grimsby eh?

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    bag? christ I’m pissed again…….

  3. farmer_dave Says:

    i had to take friday off work as my flu wiped me out, i was well rough but looks like iam on the mend now tho as i had a pint in the bell on sat eve, and there was a nutter in one of the front bars of the bell which gave us some entertainment,

    hope you both better soon

  4. Auntie Jaxxxxx Says:

    Barnze!! Flu again?? Didn’t you have this just about this time last year??

  5. barnze Says:

    @ 4D..Shame about that mate it would have been a good crack to have sunk one with ya..Summer? Whens that then?

    @ Dave.. Most folks are suffering at the moment… Some good numptys about to raise a smile eh?

    @ AJ… The virus is always about here in Hood Town but i reckon after one has been on a forigen holiday it get to ya quicker..

    As Gloria says…” I will survive!”

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