The train now boarding platform three.

The last shift for the week tonight and all has been well so far but it’s off to Grims bee on Wednesday afternoon for two days of training,Mind you i have heard that the  locals gather around to watch the traffic lights change so i might join in

on that in my spare time,Or perhaps follow a few balloons…



I see on the news that a bit of rough justice has been delt out again here in

Hood Town  as a body is found in a burning car…..Fucking drugs again!



Anyroad just another quickie as i gotta go get a brew before i get back to

the factory floor.

Take care you lot..





3 Responses to “The train now boarding platform three.”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    Enjoy your first days off after the holiday… Maybe a nice spicy hot curry will bit the bug that bit ya!!!

  2. barnze Says:

    Cheers AJ..perhaps you are right..A good ruby kills most germs… Have a good one.

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    They do curry’s in Grimsby? Cod curry, Haddock curry both with mushy peas…

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