Still alive..just..

Well this week has been a bastard i can tell ya..A man down at the factory,I have had the lurgey all week so it has been work n bed..Honest i come home from a long hard days graft grab a bite to eat then straight into bed. i still feel like crap now,So tired even after a ten n a half hour sleep….

The lovely Mrs B has been in pain unall with her guts playing up (the doc say’s it could be a gallstone) and disturbing her sleep and wankers launching fireworks at all hours of the night don’t help!! But anyroad i now have the chance to catch up on some lost sleep & Mrs B has an appointment at the ossie for a scan early next month..

At the factory we have the new bosses coming in and the old ones goimg out so things  are

a bit fucked,Files are everywhere,new kit mixing up with old kit,stuff not where it should

be..Chaos is the word..And with me feeling like shite it all has been a bag of bollocks!

I am hoping by Saturday night things will have settled into a bit more of a cluster fuck!

Take care out there cuz theres allus some cunt ready to shaft you!

3 Responses to “Still alive..just..”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all that… I sure hope Mrs. B is o.k… best wishes to her getting a clean report soon!

    Hope you get rested up… Come around the forrest if you wanna see some nature photos, I put up my Photo Gallery and post from our Vacation in Hot Springs, it was really nice!

    I’ll be adding more photos hopefully as I have time, so you can check them out anytime… (embedded on blog).

    XOXO –> AJ

  2. barnze Says:

    Feeling a bit better now but still as tired as something that feels tired a lot!

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    Wondered where you’d gone. I’m a worrier. Glad yer on the mend

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