Just the two to do..

Well four shifts down and all is well at the factory,The new gaffers are giving us a pay rise ( Nice!) and a few days extra holidays ( Better!) plus new kit for all so most of us are well chuffed,A couple of our chaps are leaving for pastures new so we are expecting to see some new faces on the shop floor soon, Let’s hope they can do the biz eh? Only the toughest need apply!


  I nearly late for my shift yesterday by sleeping through the alarm but as luck would have it the lovely Mrs B phoned me and woke me up..It’s this virus that’s done me,as i said the other day it makes ya as tired as something that gets very tired. I am well looking forward to the next block of days off i can tell you and what with the lovely Mrs B still getting pain from her guts (Hospital on the 14th) we both need some quality time to make each other feel better! Love heals as well as hurts you know?

I can only blame the software for the fuck up with the text fuck up as it just don’t want to align proper..I am getting pissed off with clicking the boxes and it not working that i am considering going back to blogger again.

See it fucked up again there!!!!!


Anyroad i am off for a bucket of tea and a bit of tele before i have to get off  to the factory,Have a good one you lot and if you have shafted me in the past and see me in the street just keep your head down and walk on by eh!



5 Responses to “Just the two to do..”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Have you looked at using Windows Live Writer for posting blog entries? It is superb and everyone who tries it sticks with it.

  2. farmer dave Says:

    ive gone back to blogger myself and iam happy with it, but will have a look at windows live writer

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    Wow, a bucket of tea sounds really good right now!!!

    Hope you both feel much better soon!! I hate feeling like shite, it takes all the fun out of it… I would rather be ‘off sick’ when I wasn’t sick at all so there could be fun.

    Did you get the photo I sent you of the funny ‘cat carrier’?? I thought you’d get a big cackle out of that one!!

  4. mas Says:

    work together to achieve more,i like that.weekend is near so it`s corripe cervisium for me! cheers

  5. barnze Says:

    ay up Mas..me too mate!.I bet the view from your kitchen is a corker now the leaves are turning…

    AJ..I got the pic cheers.Had it before but lost it on my old hard drive.

    JAT..Live writer eh..New one to me so off for a look..Cheers.

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