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A ticket to hell..

November 28, 2007

Arrrhhhh bless um!

What next?

November 28, 2007

What the fuck is the world doing letting some woman get nicked for naming a teddy bear? I often see a bear sitting in a basket in a shop with some sort of competition to name it and once had a go for a quid with the name “Arse bandit” needless to say i dint win…..

Barnze say’s “Pack the fucker up ya daft twats.”

Shopping is fun nowadays..

November 26, 2007

I reckon the Co-Op is a lot more fun now that the new shop is on it’s way..I just can’t stop winding um up..I just hope that slow woman stays there and don’t move to the new place!

The stew smells good though it has a few more hours cooking time. Outside caterers tonight as i can’t be arsed to prepare another meal, so where we dine will be decided when the lovely Mrs B gets home from the office.

Oh and here’s a foot shot from yesterdays trip into Hood Town taken in the 8 million quid market square…

I considered jumping into the fountains but it was perishing so i gave it a knock back !

Have a good one.

Still dead.

November 26, 2007

Missing you all ready!

November 26, 2007

It’s stew time again here at Barnze Towers so a trip up to the Co-Op for some spuds and a gloat today..I reckon the gang hiding behind the fag counter won’t be so smug now the news of the new shop has broken eh..They must be well pissed off as i reckon it will be the end of the poor service and shite choice of products..With a bit of luck they will close their doors for good and scuttle off with their tail between their legs.

Back to the stew…The pulses have been soaking over night and the stock is ready in the pan waiting for the meat n veg to work their magic..How good is stew eh? A good two days feed out of one pot and the satisfaction of flopping back in the chair full of stewie goodness.

I was not impressed by the outdoor ice rink as i reckon it was a bit small and not a patch on the central park one that was in my mind. Then again i don’t skate so what do i know?

Anyroad it’s time to go poke things up the staff in the Co-Op now so i’m off..I hope your weekend was as good as mine dear reader…Take care out there.

The bell toll’s

November 23, 2007

Good news here in Clifton as the bingo hall announces it it closing and a new superstore is being built on its footings.. Death to the Co-Op is what i say!

In a recent poll Clifton residents said… ” I am well chuffed about that”

“Fuck me the bingo closing, How am i gunna spend my unemployment benefit locally now?”

One fat chavy tart said ” Where’s the nearest slot machine from here?”

This resident say’s ” I told you it was coming Co-Op ” Top news for me as now even the few coppers i spend in the poorly run, understocked, piss poor, shit heap of a shop will now be going to the new shop. I am looking forward to my next visit to the Co-Op just so i can get into full take the piss mode…

I ya face ya twats!

I am not to sure when the bingo place closes but i reckon the news is the best thing for us here in Clifton after years of crap service we can see a new retailer on the horizon.

In other news i am having a beer!

Have a good one & eyes down for a new shop ya MOFOs!

Lash the cash…

November 22, 2007

I see the 350 grand temporary outdoor ice rink has opened now in the 8 million quid market square, it kind of makes me wonder what we the people of Hood Town could have done with all that wonga????? Mind you i have saved some cash by canceling my delivery of the Nottingham Evening Post since they stopped me commenting on their website so not all wasted money eh?

The last shift of the week tonight and if the past few nights are owt to go by it will be a bastard.. The whole week has been hell i can tell ya what with Doug getting his nose split open and one member of the crew doing fuck all work i am well up for my days off..Mind you with plans for a good night on Friday i see some light at the end of the shitty tunnel.

Anyroad i’m off to put some more broken glass onto the top of our back garden fence.. Have a good one you lot!

Barnze say’s “No pussy footing around!”

You’ll have someone’s eye out.

November 21, 2007

Bit of a bastard at the factory last night as my mucker Doug got a bit of metal hit him in the snout causing a cut on his snout, luck was on his side though as it could have been a nasty one had it gone in his eye but a blob of that plastic skin stuff and he was back on the shop floor… Get ya sen an omelette youff and get on with the work!

It has been a cow of a stint so far so i am hoping the next couple of shifts pass as fast and as steady as they can, Most of us have well earned our pennies this week and what with the load we are carrying it has made the days off seem a long time coming i can tell ya!

I have been having some bother posting comments on my local news paper’s website as of late and mailed the editor to see what the problem was.. I got a reply today stating that i was banned because i had posted some ‘Offensive language” at some time but i reckon i just posted a view that the council din’t like!  So fuck the post! I shall get my news from the BBC from now on ya mardy arsed twats.

Anyroad it’s that time again so i am gunna bugger off to the factory for another shift.. Have a good one most of you, The others can fuck off n die!


November 20, 2007

A Tribute to Flank…..Should have joined the UN old lad.

Don’t fret it..Things can only get better.

Well we hope so don’t we.

In spring again we’ll bring again……

Keep Smiling!

Latin thought of the week.

November 20, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem !