Over the top lads…

Last nights shift was a bastard….I don’t want many of those i can tell ya,mind you it’s the last one tonight so with a bit of luck it will pass shit free eh?

The weekend will bring some welcomed relief for both me n the lovely Mrs B with a shopping trip and the chance of a cold one with some hand holding lobbed in for good measure we are looking forward to it!

I have noticed a big improvement on pre bonny night fireworks disturbance unall this year with just the odd one going off and no incoming bangers being fired at the bus on the way to and from work unlike last year. Perhaps the price of the things has put a stop to it eh?

Anyroad i gotta get ready for my shift,have a good one you lot and take care  eh!

3 Responses to “Over the top lads…”

  1. Auntie Jaxxx Says:

    I am totally inclined to agree with that banner!!! That is a good day.

    Cheers! x


  2. farmer_dave Says:

    i watched a bit of a pre firework display at work this eve not bad, watched it fromthe 4th floor of the exchange building at the uni, and to agree with barnze ive not realy noticed to much fireword menace either

  3. barnze Says:

    Things have changed eh..i am off up Roddo on saturday for some fireworks, burgers n a pint..

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