You could have someone’s eye out!

Off up to Ruddo tonight for the firework display at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, I must say that the park around the place is a nice spot for a walk,mind you the local scrotes have done their fair share of trying to fuck it up!

Not a great deal going until then as it is a grey day and a bit cold so we are doing a bit of shopping then getting snugged up at Barnze Towers….

Take care with ya bangers cuz ya never know when they are gunna blow……….

4 Responses to “You could have someone’s eye out!”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Bummer, normally we go to that, but it’s clashed this year with something else. Have a good ‘un…

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Who’s gonna Blow??!?!? :O


  3. barnze Says:

    @ Pinksy..A good show put on and a good crowd of folks up there!

    @ AJ..Ooooooo now then!

  4. Nick Says:

    Ruddington is an anagram of TROD IN DUNG

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