Bang goes a few quid..

The fireworks do was a good one,With a hotdog,some mushy peas and a couple of pints it went well, mind you i reckon we were too close to the display as we had hot embers dropping on our heads as the fireworks were set off & the fire drove folks back within a few mins of lighting..I was right about the scrotes though as the chap on the pa system told us that vandals had smashed 36 of the windows and had caused that much damage that the Christmas Santa Special train would not be running this year..Bastards!

After the display we nipped back to Barnze Towers to snug up in front of the tele with a few beers! At 3 in the morning we were both woken up by a lot of door banging and Mrs B looked out of the window to see the woman from the nextdoor but one staggering around in a short skirt and a boob tube totally pissed out of her crust, back to sleep only to have a repeat at 6 am….This time i was up..Folks need to get some respect eh…Our new neighbors just ain’t letting up on this sort of shit!

Get yer sen sorted for fucks sake!

Today we nipped into Hood Town for a bit of shopping.only a dvd for me and a top for the lovely Mrs B but a good time had,back to work for Mrs B in the morning and another day off for me…Perhaps we shall be allowed to sleep tonight!

3 Responses to “Bang goes a few quid..”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Is that true about the Santa Special train? That really sucks – we were gonna do that! That’s really annoyed me now. Stupid little twats.

  2. barnze Says:

    Yep it’s right mate.Some scrotes have been busy smashing the trains up,They were saying that all the trains were now not working as a result of the vandalism..Shame but that’s life nowadays eh?

  3. Pinksy Says:

    It’s a fucking piece of shit is what it is. As I say, silly stupid pointless little twats. I hope they’re fucking proud. Grrrr.

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