Alien abduction again..

I fell asleep in the great hall last night,Honest there i was on the settee in front of the tele fast asleep, The lovely Mrs B woke me up at 6 and sent me to bed… I reckon some aliens had nipped in and whisked me up to a waiting spacecraft for some tests,That’s how it happens you know??

Some nice pork steaks and jacket taters for tonight’s meal so a trip up to the Co-Op is in order, Allus something funny to see up there, Like the slow woman who bores ya to death with her droning voice and her snails pace folding of the till receipt..Makes me want to shout “Come on get on with it” every time i see her.

Anyroad I’m off for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags in celebration of the new footy ground not being built here in Clifton..Thank fuck for that!

Have a good and take care out there.

7 Responses to “Alien abduction again..”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    fucking co-op when i lived in chelmsford our was realy crap, the service was realy bad you waited for ages to get served, you’d had thought at main busy times of the day they wouldhave at least 2 people on the tills but not fucking co-op, now iam living in carlton we dont have a fucking co-op thank fuck, we did but its closed down ive not shead any tears as that was crap as well, but the tescos on the other sideof the road aint bad

  2. farmer dave Says:

    fucking co-op crap shity bolloxing pile of crap, and did i mentione they are fucking crap lol

  3. barnze Says:

    I begrudge every penny i spend there,mind you as a local corner shop it’s ok but i would not do a major shop there…

  4. farmer dave Says:

    even when i wanted the basic food stuff like bread or cobs they had all sold out or something even nann bread i wanted even sold out of that

  5. mas Says:

    very rare i go in the coop,your best to get the free bus to gem,remember that barnze!

  6. Pinksy Says:

    God I know the woman you mean. Short grey hair and glasses.

  7. barnze Says:

    @ Mas..Ahh Gem….I prefer Morrisons at gamston..A good range of snap up there.

    @ Pinksy..That’s her..Slow or what?

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