Merchant banker!

There i was this morning in the bank putting in a cheque for 4 quid from Photo-Me sent to me because the fucking photo booth in the Co-Op was bust and took my cash with no photos and the Co-Op don’t do refunds as the Co-Op are totally shit when this numpty comes in on one of those hated invalid carts and knocks over the tape barrier and gets it wrapped around the wheels of the thing.. I thought we were being held up or something,Mind you i did get a laugh from muttering “Merchant” as the ladies from the house sales area tried to sort the idiot out..When will they ever learn?

We are having some outside caterers in tonight as i got no inspiration whilst up at the Co-Op this morning, oh last nights shepherds pie went down well with an empty dish left at the end and everyone happy.

Back to the factory for the start of the day shifts in the morning and i still have the lurgy so i ain’t all that chuffed about that but i reckon i can make it through….

Anyroad it’s time for a shower now so i’m off, have a good one and stay safe out there

5 Responses to “Merchant banker!”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Ha ha! You should have got it on video. Shoot me before I end up in one of those

  2. cappy Says:

    and like the pic, they were probably just really fat, not disabled!
    i refused the loan of our works one to some one the other day cos there was nowt wrong with em, just lazy.
    “i saw you virtually running across the car park”
    “er….but…..oh fuck it”

    nice! must be tourettes that is there disability!!!

  3. cynnie Says:

    I hope to god i never get so fat and pitiful that I need one of those..

  4. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I’ve been having to work with a bad sinus infection so I have felt crappy too, although I did take off yesterday. **cough**

    Yeah this is really great… someone lets themselves get extremely fat and the solution is to invent something they can ride on so that they never even get the chance to exercise again… Anything can be accomplished if someone just sets their mind to it…

    Use it or lose it… I always say.

  5. leggytwerp Says:

    If I get one of those things, I might be able to develop a ‘front bottom’ like this gentleman and then sit down in any way I wish.

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