A full week.

Well a busy time for me i can tell ya..The lovely Mrs B has been up the hossie for a scan,Confirmed that she has gall stones so she now has to wait to see another doctor to suss out what happens next. So an extra load of love and care to be dished out to Mrs B.. it will be fine.. trust me i know a doctor or two.

Loads of stuff going on at the factory as the new bosses come in and out in readiness for the take over on the 30th..A pay rise for us and a bit of a roster change to the better so we are well chuffed about that.

Rumors flying about all over so i shall give you the meat and keep the bones to myself..

Someone who claims to be pregnant ain’t..Naughty naughty!

Someone has died.. To be confirmed!

Someone was seen snogging the falconer.. Keep the gauntlet on eh?

The horseshoes never turned up.. Running rough shod!

Ooohhhhh scandal..don’t ya just love it????

I am off out tonight with the Go lightlys for a few frames and a beer so it will be good to catch up on some more goss eh?

Anyroad i still have shit to do so i’m off..Have a good one most of you,The rest can kiss my arse.

2 Responses to “A full week.”

  1. Auntie Jaxxx Says:

    Hate to be confused, but I don’t know those concerned in the Rumor mill I guess– πŸ™‚ Still sounds pretty entertaining.

    Sorry I cut off the “Other” option on my blog, I was getting ass-hole spammers trying to sell me stuff to increase the size of my cock or something, and besides roosters I can’t say that I have a cock myself— lol

    Wouldn’t stop, so I turned off the option for them to spam me.

    I thought you still had an old Blogger Log in?? Anyways, still nice knowing you come by once in a while to visit your ole AJ… πŸ™‚

  2. barnze Says:

    I reckon i still have a Blogger account so i shall use it to comment..Wordpress has an anti spam filter that learns as it goes so not a lot of “increase your breast size” or” get viagra pills| get through it..Spammers are twats eh?

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