Ain’t that a hole in the boat.

Cheers to Claire for the gift, I am well chuffed with it…Your secret is safe with me! And as they say. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!” Nuff said.

Not a lot of leaves left on our trees here at Barnze Towers now as Autumn kicks in and last night we spotted one of our resident hedgehogs snuffling through a heap of the fallen ones for some bugs, Good to see them again as they have been hiding away for the last few nights. Ain’t nature brill?

A nice steady day today with just a stir fry to whip up for dinner later on after the lovely Mrs B gets home so not a lot to do bar nip up to the shops for some bean sprouts and water chestnuts. I like these kind of days!

Right then i am off for a brew before going out into the cold.Have a good weekend you lot and take care.

3 Responses to “Ain’t that a hole in the boat.”

  1. mas Says:

    Hi mate,have a good weekend,did you get the darth vader email?cheers

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    You have a good n as well. Stir fry eh? mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I was in Long Eaton last Friday passing through on me way to Oldham. Stopped off at ‘Mod Clothin’.

    I’ll be back there in the New Year. I’ll let you know when n you can buy me a beer!!

  3. barnze Says:

    Mass..Din’t get it!

    4D.. Let me know n we can hook up.

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