You’ll have someone’s eye out.

Bit of a bastard at the factory last night as my mucker Doug got a bit of metal hit him in the snout causing a cut on his snout, luck was on his side though as it could have been a nasty one had it gone in his eye but a blob of that plastic skin stuff and he was back on the shop floor… Get ya sen an omelette youff and get on with the work!

It has been a cow of a stint so far so i am hoping the next couple of shifts pass as fast and as steady as they can, Most of us have well earned our pennies this week and what with the load we are carrying it has made the days off seem a long time coming i can tell ya!

I have been having some bother posting comments on my local news paper’s website as of late and mailed the editor to see what the problem was.. I got a reply today stating that i was banned because i had posted some ‘Offensive language” at some time but i reckon i just posted a view that the council din’t like!  So fuck the post! I shall get my news from the BBC from now on ya mardy arsed twats.

Anyroad it’s that time again so i am gunna bugger off to the factory for another shift.. Have a good one most of you, The others can fuck off n die!

3 Responses to “You’ll have someone’s eye out.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    ive been having a bit of a week at work busy indeed, but hey oh thurs and friday normaly quieten down, the iam off to see chubby brown friday nite, hows next door are they being a bit quieter

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Barnzey banned!!!!! We must organise a protest up and down the land forthwith. Or sooner.

  3. barnze Says:

    @ Dave.. Some weeks just grind you down eh?..Not fussed on Chubby Brown (The fat bastard) but have a good nite out mate..As for noise quiet as could be today apart from my alarm clock..I hate clocks!

    @ 4D.. Henceforth…The mardy bastards!

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