Lash the cash…

I see the 350 grand temporary outdoor ice rink has opened now in the 8 million quid market square, it kind of makes me wonder what we the people of Hood Town could have done with all that wonga????? Mind you i have saved some cash by canceling my delivery of the Nottingham Evening Post since they stopped me commenting on their website so not all wasted money eh?

The last shift of the week tonight and if the past few nights are owt to go by it will be a bastard.. The whole week has been hell i can tell ya what with Doug getting his nose split open and one member of the crew doing fuck all work i am well up for my days off..Mind you with plans for a good night on Friday i see some light at the end of the shitty tunnel.

Anyroad i’m off to put some more broken glass onto the top of our back garden fence.. Have a good one you lot!

Barnze say’s “No pussy footing around!”

3 Responses to “Lash the cash…”

  1. cappy Says:

    after last nights debacle with 3 pissed up law students, i’ll be glad to wave goodbye to my job for 10 days!
    the thought of decorating is actually cheering in comparison!

    enjoy yours, i know i will!

  2. Mal the Plod Says:

    The City Council have spent that much employing these neighbourhood wardens it would have put 20 proper cops on the street in the City alone!
    Glad I live in the County!!

  3. barnze Says:

    A good time planned this end…

    Plastic plods just don’t cut it i reckon..

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