Missing you all ready!

It’s stew time again here at Barnze Towers so a trip up to the Co-Op for some spuds and a gloat today..I reckon the gang hiding behind the fag counter won’t be so smug now the news of the new shop has broken eh..They must be well pissed off as i reckon it will be the end of the poor service and shite choice of products..With a bit of luck they will close their doors for good and scuttle off with their tail between their legs.

Back to the stew…The pulses have been soaking over night and the stock is ready in the pan waiting for the meat n veg to work their magic..How good is stew eh? A good two days feed out of one pot and the satisfaction of flopping back in the chair full of stewie goodness.

I was not impressed by the outdoor ice rink as i reckon it was a bit small and not a patch on the central park one that was in my mind. Then again i don’t skate so what do i know?

Anyroad it’s time to go poke things up the staff in the Co-Op now so i’m off..I hope your weekend was as good as mine dear reader…Take care out there.

6 Responses to “Missing you all ready!”

  1. Stuart Frew Says:

    I nipped down into town to have a look at the ice rink at it’s opening. It was a relief to quickly find the German beer stand I was slightly underwhelmed by the rink.

    Without wanting to knock what is a good idea basically, I thought it was a shame that spectating appears to be limited? The rink having to be raised quite a bit above the level of the supposedly flat new Market Square doesn’t help in this respect.

    At least the ice surface appears to get resurfaced regularly otherwise these public facilities can resemble skating on tarmac.

    Verdict: Good idea, could do better. Paulaneer excellent!

    Nice site.


  2. barnze Says:

    I had an idea that it would be on ground level and viewable from all sides so i was well gutted to see how enclosed and small it was..A proper let down i reckon.

  3. Stuart Frew Says:

    I’ve heard some people describe it as ‘huge’!

    It’s around two thirds size of an olympic size rink, about standard for these things I guess. You’d think for 350 grand it could have been slightly bigger and more ambitious though.

    I fancied a whip round but I’m not sure I can be bothered booking online and all that stuff. Should just be first come-first served I reckon. A limit to the amount of people on there obviously. It’s a start but it could have been so much better.

    Wonder what else they’ve got planned for the new year? I have to say I don’t think the square itself was worth eight million smackeroos or whatever it cost. A bit drab and so far not that practical even. Time will tell.

  4. Flank Says:

    I went with my daughter and family to the Market Square skating rink on Saturday. It was brilliant. I know it sounds daft, but this rink is a bit slower than the big Nottingham Ice Rink. Well, I think so, anyway. It took me about five minutes before I got my confidence back again but after that I was away. It cost us £33:00, and with about 200 people per hourly session, they’ll soon get their money back. We then had a lovely steak in the ‘ Soulville ‘ restaurant on Market Street. Lovely!!.

  5. Flank Says:

    Talking of lovely food, last night I fancied a pizza for my tea. I phoned Prima Pizza, because I like them freshly made. It turns out that as it is getting close to Christmas, they are doing a special. It is called the ‘ King Wencelas ‘. It was lovely. It was ‘ DEEP PAN, CRISP AND EVEN’!!!.

  6. barnze Says:

    Flank…Good to hear you had a good time on the ice i don’t do skating so it’s surplass to requirements for me..Mind you i did get a chuckle out of your pizza posting….. Have a good one.

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