Still dead.

4 Responses to “Still dead.”

  1. cappy Says:

    dianas dead??? you’d thi…etc!

    bout time they gave this up. is anyone in this country even the slightest bit bothered?
    (she looks more like heather mcartney each day)

  2. barnze Says:

    The press are still flogging a dead horse eh? Let it lie …….

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    she was murdered by The Mekon who had discovered Dan Dare was returning and he thought killing her in Paris would enable him to invade Rhodesia which he couldn’t find as it isn’t anymore so he hid behind Mugabes unfeasibly large posterior which then mysteriously blocked a tunnel in Paris…..

    ….jeez this is good shit…

  4. barnze Says:

    The truth is out there…

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