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Look to the future now, It’s only just begun.

December 28, 2007

Is it time to take the crimbo tree down yet? Come on let’s get rid of it and start planning the summer hols.. Mind you we still have the falconry weekend to sort out for March time and we are both looking forward to that..I always find crimbo to be a bit of a let down once your kids suss out that santa aint real, Once the magic goes it becomes a commercial thing , an i want one of those events and that just ain’t magic!

Oh well.. Back to normality eh?

That’s that then.

December 27, 2007

Well crimbo has been and gone, The bins are full off torn wrapping paper and crushed beer cans, Folks shouting at the top of their voices “Merry Christmas” and the odd firework going off and then nothing..The end of crimbo…Boxing day saw me get up quite early as us old folk tend to do..Off into Hood Town for a look around the shops and a pint in the Bell then a quiet night in with the lovely Mrs B..

I always reckon that crimbo becomes a thing of the past quicker than any other celebration & in my mind a good thing too.. Sadly Mrs B is back at the office today though i am not due back at the factory till Saturday morning.

Anyroad i hope you all had a good festive day..I’m off to polish my new car then i am gunna spend a few hours in front of my new 20 foot plasma tele whilst telling the time from my new rolex watch..

Tits are brill..

December 21, 2007

Ahh not the tit you were looking for eh…


A good strong pussy…

December 21, 2007

Not quite what ya searched for but it gives me a few thousand extra hits…

And all for under a pound.

December 21, 2007

All my crimbo shopping done,I nipped down to my Bro’s yesterday to deliver his gifts and that’s me done..mind you i did get a surprise to find that my bro is now called “Raja” now by his mates due to the fact that he has eaten his first Indian meal…What is it with some folks who just stick to meat n two veg eh?

Now the last four night shifts to get done nice n safe then the festivities begin..I am thinking of wearing a santa hat on the last shift but i reckon the health n safety dept would kick off about it so i shall just hum the tune “most wonderful time of the year” instead..No harm done eh?

I managed to catch Speedy in yesterday so a quick buzz with the number one blade has me sorted for at least a month.That bloke has had a few days off this week i can tell ya, mind you he did explain that as it is the festive season he has been out & about visiting his family so i can’t fault him for that. Oh and haircuts are now six quid up there now, Still a bargain i reckon compared to Mrs Bs 80 quid jobs..

Anyroad i gotta get some chill time in before getting down to the factory..If i don’t post again between now and crimbo day have a brill time you lot and remember it’s good will time except for some miserable bastards who deserve nowt..They know who they are!

What’s so lucky?

December 19, 2007

There i was on my way out of the occupational health building at the factory when i get a splat on my cheek, On wiping it i found a bird had took a shit on me!!! Supposed to be lucky but not for me as i had no tissue to clean myself up with so the sleeve of my jacket had to be deployed..

I like birds but that is bang out of order mind you sooner bird shit than cat crap any day!

Oh and a break from tradition at Barnze Towers this year as we are having a seafood platter for crimbo dinner..I was never too fussed on turkey anyroad. And what with just coming off the night shifts a lighter meal will be better, The festive beer, wines and spirits are now in the cellar so i reckon we are ready to do the biz!

As it is only me n the lovely Mrs B at home on the big day i reckon it will be a quiet one for a change..Bring on the great escape!

Right i’m off to prep tonight’s meal..Have a good one you lot!

It say’s it all.

December 18, 2007


December 18, 2007

Now the world has gone barmy as the BBC censors one of the best crimbo songs !


The big 50.

December 18, 2007


It’s my half century birthday on boxing day (i missed being the new Messiah by a few hours) & the lovely Mrs B is buying me a pocket Pc to celebrate it..Now just looking through the interweb at PDAs has got my head spinning i can tell ya. I reckon i shall go with one of the i Paq series but there are loads to choose from, Do any of my dear readers use one of these things and if you do let me know how it performs will ya?

It will be brill to be able to surf the interweb just about anywhere & i am hoping to be able to post to here from it! Technology is the dogs ain’t it?

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off to Asda for a bit of shopping tonight so there’s a chance of a pint & a bite to eat in the Wolds on the way into the store..I like shopping me!

Anyroad i’m off for a shower n a shave before setting off, have a good one and take care out there!

Pussy for crimbo.

December 17, 2007