Organized chaos anyone…

Well the old firm left and the new firm turned up at the factory..Kit dished out then promptly returned as sizes were wrong, folks swapping trousers too try and get some that fit! New staff onboard last Saturday with one of them joining our team so let the training program begin eh?  Still waiting on the new contracts to read n sign but apart from that….. Does anyone know what’s going on?

The shift pattern changed from day one giving us four on four off, though i did not mind this change some folks were pissed off about it. I like change me so all in i am quite happy to just carry on carrying on! Oh and i get crimbo day off!

Prison Break has took a six week holiday so that’s a bit of a downer though Journeyman is keeping me entertained whilst the cons take a break so i reckon i will cope.

Anyroad i got a bit of Shopping (Taking the piss) to do up at the Co-Op so i’m off for a laugh.. Yeah i know i should not be poking it up um but i just can’t help it!

Take care out there.

3 Responses to “Organized chaos anyone…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i wouldnt mind doing 4 on and 4 off, do you do nights and days still?

  2. barnze Says:

    Yep still on shifts but a lot better now as the hours are shorter and the shifts roll on..

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    Did 4 on 4 off for 7 years until this union convenor thing. Now 9 – 5 Mon – Fri with a ‘stand down’ day to catch up on union paperwork.

    Sounds a bit cushy but much to my amazement I miss the 4 on 4 off.

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