Out with the old,in with the new!

The staff at the local Co-Op tell me that the new shop will not affect them made me laugh as it was them who brought up the subject before i could take the piss…

i reckon it’s gotta see um go under!

Roll on February i say!

5 Responses to “Out with the old,in with the new!”

  1. mas Says:

    hi mate,i ventured up the coop today,nice and quiet it was too,so why do i always struggle to park.A bag of ice and a couple of bottles of coke,just to mix with my brandy.cheers

  2. farmer dave Says:

    just found out our old co fucking op is going to be turned into a weatherspoons not bad hey, will beat our 2 pubs on top of carlton hill the shitty toby jug and the even shittyer top spot, and it will only be less than 4 mins walk from my house

  3. mas Says:

    hi, dave,my mates runs the windsor,been in twice,what do you reckon to it?

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    A pub less than 4 minutes walk???? Paradise on Earth

  5. barnze Says:

    Mas…The parking is for all of the shops so not a lot of room..The co-op have one spot reserved for their own store..Its the empty one you found…..

    Dave..Good news is one less Co-Op to piss folks off.

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