Time to trim up?

I reckon it’s now time to get the crimbo tree out of the loft and bung it up, Plus the holly garland thingy we stick over the fire place..Not over the top but enough to give the great hall a festive feel unlike two of our neighbours who bung tacky light up stars and shit all over the outside of their houses..You naff twats!!!

There’s allus one!

Anyroad me n the lovely Mrs B are off to the cinema (In premier seats i might add) after grabbing a bite to eat then perhaps a night cap on the way home…Ya just gotta love it!

Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

4 Responses to “Time to trim up?”

  1. cind Says:

    Too early for chrissy decs – it’s all comin’ too early, evry year earlier ‘n’ earlier, it’ll be happenin’ in fuckin’ June soon.
    Anyroad, I’m havin’ a completely artificial white tree this year ‘n’ I’m calling it fuckin’ mohammed – so there, stick that up yer chimney with the mince pies ‘n’ sherry!!;-}

  2. barnze Says:


  3. Nick B. Says:

    I always fancied a proper tree like the ones you find outside Wilkos.

  4. barnze Says:

    Fuck me you must have a big house..We used to have a real tree but they smell!

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