Falcon chuffed

I hit the mother lode with my choice of crimbo gift for the lovely Mrs B..A weekend of falconry! A nice weekend in the countryside and the chance to handle some of the avian hunters thrown in, Mrs B has always wanted to experience the thrill of the hunt so i was well chuffed to find a way to make this wish come true and take part myself unall so a good couple of days coming up..We are not sure when we shall be going yet but i reckon it will be a good one.

Not only a nice cottage somewhere in amongst the trees but to fly a Peregrine must be the dogs bollocks!

I reckon we shall have plenty of photos of the time we spend with the birds so i look forward to bunging a few on here for you to admire.

Anyroad that’s for the near future so i shall leave it at that..

“Come on Kes”

3 Responses to “Falcon chuffed”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    That sounds brilliant. I am exrtremely jealous. Where’d you find it?

  2. mas Says:

    Hi mate,we have a sparrow hawk terrorising everything in the garden,brutal but it is good to watch,can`t ever get close enough for a good shot though.

  3. barnze Says:

    Dinners try this link..But loads to be found on the interweb..

    Mas..we often get a hawk above our place..As you say a bit of a bastard for the smaller birds but brill to watch.

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