That’s entertainment..

Well i was a bit let down by the Golden Compass as it never ended, Ok so there is gunna be a No 2 but they could have said so before we went to see it..It was ok but it just stopped at a good bit just like the tele does… Apart from that the whole night went well what with a nice steak at Frankie & Benny’s (As always) and a nice settee to sprawl on and nibbles during the movie things went well.

Bad news is my 4 off have flown by & it’s back to the factory in the morning..Mrs B has to wait till April for her op so we are hoping someone drops out of the waiting list before then as it would be nice to get it sorted asap.

I nipped up to Speedy’s today for a trim but he was closed so that’s the third time i have done that in the last few months..mind you he now has an opening times list on the door so no probs next time .

Anyroad it’s time i iced my profiteroles and maybe snaffle one before someone counts um…

Have a good one.

3 Responses to “That’s entertainment..”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Speedy’s gave me a pretty serious square neck the other day, and I wanted it tapered in

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    There’s 3 films alltogether. Based on ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy. Dunno the author but Caz has read em.

  3. barnze Says:

    Pinksy..Speedy only does the boston back..he must have nipped out for a fag at barbers school when the taught tapering.

    Dinners..Well that sorts that out, I reckon i will wait for the DVDs of the next uns.

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