And so to bed.

Only two more day shifts to do thank fuck..Today was a bit of a bastard but all in we coped well,As we allus do!

Mrs Bs works crimbo function tonight so early to bed for me to grab a few extra hours kip..I hope she don’t feel to rough in the morning..You know how daft these office party’s get.

Anyroad i’m off to hit the fart sack..Have a good one and take care!

3 Responses to “And so to bed.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    talking about fart sack, i went out on a pre crimbo drinks with work last nite and had a curry to finish the nite, got home and into bed but at half 4 this morning i got a rude awakening by my dad as i woke him up cos of my farting,

    i must of had some gas in me or somthing cos my mum woke me at half 8 again telling me i was farting and the landing was smelling lol, all ill say is what ever they put in my curry must of been good,

  2. Randy Aunt Jackie Says:

    Got my Anonymous comment thingy back on for now, unless the SPAMMERS start throwing fuck.

    Anyways, “Fart Sack” LMAO!!!! 🙂

    You always give me a giggle.

    Ta… AJ

  3. barnze Says:

    A good ruby allus gives me the farts..mind you i find chestnuts do the biz unall..Better out than in mate.

    Good to put a giggle your way AJ..

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