I just scraped up a weapons grade cat turd from the patio…I reckon i will upgrade my cat defence systems next year so i can leave a few bodies hanging around to deter the rest of the flea ridden bird killing bastards…

Quite a bit to do on this block of days off..Shopping,haircut,visit to occupational health,razor wire to install but plenty of quality time with the lovely Mrs B so it’s not all rush about…

Tell ya what all of us on my team at the factory were well chuffed to see the end of the working week as the kitchen area looked like a chemist’s shop with all the medication laid lemon cures,asprin and suchlike..All of us has some sort of bug loitering in our systems! But we carried on carrying on! What a crew eh?

Anyroad i got a few things to do so i’m off, have a good one and take care out there.

Barnze say’s “Only seven more sleeps to go.”

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