The big 50.


It’s my half century birthday on boxing day (i missed being the new Messiah by a few hours) & the lovely Mrs B is buying me a pocket Pc to celebrate it..Now just looking through the interweb at PDAs has got my head spinning i can tell ya. I reckon i shall go with one of the i Paq series but there are loads to choose from, Do any of my dear readers use one of these things and if you do let me know how it performs will ya?

It will be brill to be able to surf the interweb just about anywhere & i am hoping to be able to post to here from it! Technology is the dogs ain’t it?

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off to Asda for a bit of shopping tonight so there’s a chance of a pint & a bite to eat in the Wolds on the way into the store..I like shopping me!

Anyroad i’m off for a shower n a shave before setting off, have a good one and take care out there!

7 Responses to “The big 50.”

  1. The big 50. · Pocket PC News and Reviews Says:

    […] Original post by Am tellin me mam […]

  2. barnze Says:

    No not more to look at!!!!!

  3. Pinksy Says:

    I don’t have one, but is it worth waiting for the iPhone to become free of the Orange network and getting a bigger capacity?

    Blackberry’s seem quite popular too.

  4. barnze Says:

    I ain’t too fussed about an intergrated phone …off to look for some more on the web.

  5. farmer dave Says:

    dont go for the sony ericsson k810i as its a bag of crap

  6. barnze Says:

    I shall give that a miss mate..

  7. John A Thomson Says:

    Blackberry is super but not based on Pocket PC.

    I’ve got a couple of PPCs, bought a few years back, and I use none of them! Just got a new personal organiser for 99p out of one of the pound stores! Nice wee hard backed, page a day diary in A6 size. Would normally have got the A5 size but they were out.

    Try this crowd for a great selection at very good prices:

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