What’s so lucky?

There i was on my way out of the occupational health building at the factory when i get a splat on my cheek, On wiping it i found a bird had took a shit on me!!! Supposed to be lucky but not for me as i had no tissue to clean myself up with so the sleeve of my jacket had to be deployed..

I like birds but that is bang out of order mind you sooner bird shit than cat crap any day!

Oh and a break from tradition at Barnze Towers this year as we are having a seafood platter for crimbo dinner..I was never too fussed on turkey anyroad. And what with just coming off the night shifts a lighter meal will be better, The festive beer, wines and spirits are now in the cellar so i reckon we are ready to do the biz!

As it is only me n the lovely Mrs B at home on the big day i reckon it will be a quiet one for a change..Bring on the great escape!

Right i’m off to prep tonight’s meal..Have a good one you lot!

5 Responses to “What’s so lucky?”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Sorry hadn’t been by in a few days, been hectic in the Woods… lol

    I cannot help but laugh at the ‘shit you get yourself into’ mind you… That’s truly for the Birds!!! BwwahahahahH!!! πŸ™‚

    Ok, good one eh…

    Hope you and Mrs. B have a Romantic and fantastic Crimbo for two.


  2. farmer dave Says:

    bad luck mate next time carry a tissue with yeh

  3. cind Says:

    A few years back I went to meet a new manager to talk through a few things. There I was in me suit and as I got to the door…..spalattttt, huge pigeon shit on shoulder, all I could do was say “hello, I’m Cind ‘n’ I’ve just been shat on by the biggest pigeon u ever saw, any chance of a brew and a wet wipe?” ;-}

  4. barnze Says:

    Looks like i ain’t the only lucky bastard about then..Mrs B copped a pidgion dump on her coat yesterday so with all this luck i’m getting an extra lottery ticket for saturday…

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Wow!! You guys are under attack by that very special breed of “Bomber Pigeons” eh?? Poor Mrs. B!!! :O

    Thanks for strolling by the forrest… Glad to see ya.

    I fixed it back to where you can comment anytime now, unless I start to get bad spam again… nobody likes bad spam–or even normal spam, πŸ™‚

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