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You can get owt in Wilko’s!

January 29, 2008

Every time i go to Wilko’s i come out with something but a knife in the guts is something no one bargains for! It seems it’s a life n death thing now to nip up the shops for some wild bird seed……Mad world!!!!

Take care out there.

Ain’t monday’s brill?

January 28, 2008

Another splendid morning here in Hood Town, A bit crisp but sunshine and bird song knock the edge off that..It makes me feel good and i have noticed the sun coming up earlier every day giving the garden some life boost.

I got the PC repair bloke coming around at about 3ish so i hope all goes well there.before then i am off up the shops for some eggs (Free range of course) so we can have a full English for dinner, Ya can’t beat a good fry up!

A bit of a late one last night as i watched “For a few dollars more” number two from a box set of spaghetti westerns i received at crimbo, And the train did stop at Tucumcari. Top stuff i reckon.

Anyroad i’m off for a brew and a bit of shopping.

Have a good one and stay safe.

Pooo can ya smell that?

January 27, 2008

A few weeks back our drains were blocked and we had a bloke come to rod them out at a cost of over 200 quid..well they are blocked again further up the line i reckon but it ain’t our turn to pay as our part of the system is clean..The neighbours are getting their length rodded on Monday..Till then Poooooooo!

Speaking of neighbours Mrs B and the next door neighbour were disturbed from their sleep once again from our resident noise maker on Saturday morning.. 01:00 in the morning with the banging of doors,Shouting and then after a bit of a lull the music at full volume again..Both Mrs B & our neighbour have got in touch with the council to get some official help in putting a stop to this shite. I’m just glad i was on the night shift…TWATS!

Anyroad i’m off to watch a few episodes of Only fools & horses..Have a good one ya plonkers.

No words.

January 25, 2008

Bright eyed n bushy tailed

January 23, 2008

During my shift last night i received a text from the lovely Mrs B telling me she had seen the fox again so on my break from the nights toil i rang her to see what had gone on, the fox came back and after a bit of a tour of the garden sat down for a while but as i had put my camera in my drawer she missed out on grabbing a shot at it, needless to say the camera is at the ready for tonight so i hope i can post a pic of our visitor later on in the week.

I love nature me and am well chuffed that we get a diverse mix of creatures coming into and living in our bit of Hood Town, Mind you i still hate cats…

Anyroad off to the factory for number two shift..a bit better than last night please fate.

Have a good one most of you, Stay safe out there.

I remember you.

January 23, 2008

I just hope everyone else susses you out for what you are Keith.

A bit damp…

January 22, 2008

Oh well back to the factory again tonight, mind you i have had a corker of a weekend so it feels ok to be going back..Let’s hope we have a good stint this week eh?

A nice Shepherds pie in the oven waiting for the lovely Mrs B to get home from the office so all is well on the home front, I got served by slow Sandra today and did not have time to watch her wrap up my till receipt so i told her she could keep it as i had an appointment in an hours time….

Time for a shower n shave before i have to bugger off so that’s all for today ..

Have a good one and keep dry eh!

Feeling depressed?

January 21, 2008

Well there i was doing my shopping and having shook my head at the state of the Co-Op’s Chantenay carrots (Soft & wrinkled) and moving on to the organic one’s muttering about how shit the store was a woman behind me said that today was” Blue Monday” so no wonder i was pissed off. Now i reckon today is ok so that just blows that bollocks out of the water so i told the woman that every day in the Co-Op is fucking depressing, Even more so if slow Sandra is manning a till!

All i got was a “tut tut” & off she went, Then to round off my trip i found an queue less till with the king of depressed shop workers manning it and after telling him that a new shop will make him unemployed i made my way home with the feeling of leaving a bit of joy in my wake.

Anyroad a nice bit of fish with Pommes Dauphine & Asparagus for dinner so i hope that’s goes well with Mrs B…Oh and another trip to the shops for some beer (I forgot it on the first trip) so it’s time to get out there again.

Have a good most depressing day of the year you lot!

Raining cats and cats

January 21, 2008

Another rainy day here in Hood Town.. And i have got to nip up the shops.ARSE..Don’t ya just hate having to leave a nice warm house to go out into the cold. Mind you one good thing about the rain is it keeps those fucking cats away..I stocked up on cat sized boulders yesterday so bring um on.

Got a bloke coming round on Monday to look at my PC so hopefully he will sort it out for me..If not i reckon it’s time i got a new one..

Anyroad i am off up the shops for inspiration…I shall be there a fucking long time…..

Have a good one and stay safe.

Oooohhh look…

January 20, 2008

A couple of nights back as me n the lovely Mrs B were snugged up watching the tele our security lights came on and both of us were ready to bugger off what we thought was a flea ridden cat and too our surprise we saw a large fox doing a tour of our garden, now this is not the first time a fox has paid us a visit but the last time i was home alone so Mrs B missed it but she was well chuffed to see the latest one..A fine looking one at that ! Made Mrs B’s day that did.

Mind you it did not hang around for long but it was a nice moment to share.

Ain’t nature brill?